One of the important issues in the distribution topics is natural gas. The natural gas distribution scadas of 4P, which is getting more proficiency with natural gas distribution scadas, are listed in two main topics.

First of these two topics is pressure reducing stations which are the main network and settlement areas, organized industries or huge users connection points. in the concepts of these kind of projects the engaged stations which 4P is specialized in, has been reached to 60. In all projects related to this concept, terms of reference published by BOTA? are carefully applied and we prevent employers to have any difficulties. Especially in general RMSA stations, Motorola Moscad RTU- Citect SCADA- GE Fanuc SCADA programs are used to make all reports in the terms of reference of BOTAS work appropriately. By the automation system applied, AGA account of RTU (old terms of reference), Gas Chromatograph values, turbine meter values, and ultrasonic meter values and archives related to these are printed regularly. During the printing, bad measures and errors are determined and losses of enterprises are prevented. Also, the establishing RMSA stations can connect to the Bota? SCADA and employer’s SCADAS and provides telemetry function.

Ego RMSA Station 1.000.000 Sm3

One of the most important projects about natural gas SCADA is the RMSA stations with 10 measure lines built for cooperation of Türkerler-Yndet Construction Company. While it is the biggest station in Turkey, the station has PLC system and 6 Flow Computer which controls measure lines, gas analyzer device, aromatize unit and ultrasonic Flow Computer. In this station, RTU AGA calculation is performing by triple calculation with FC and Ultrasonic Flow Computer, getting the RTU calculation as basis. The difference between the three measurements does not exceed three in a thousand. 

LNG Measurement Station, Measurement System Reconstruction

LNG measurement stations take place an important place in the SCADA application of natural gas area. The most comprehensive example made by 4P Automation in this concept, is reconstruction of Marmora Ere?lisi LNG measurement station for BOTA?. Within the context of the project 8 FC and 2 GC was added to the 4 measurement lines. In addition to this, using the BOTA? communication network, it is provided to monitor the station through ANKARA BOTA? system and OASYS SCADA screens.

The second main topic about natural gas distribution SCADAs is inner city gas distribution applications. The most important solution in this area is the equilibrating the balance at the purchase and sale points of enterprises. The problems of the enterprises are solved in a turnkey manner by consulting services and periodic calibration services. These services start from the selecting the suitable communication substructure according the enterprise (GPRS, RF, VSAT, Dial-up etc.) SCADA systems, which is established on the selected communication system, provides to collect all dates in the distribution network. Within these data, the gas distribution is made and the subjected balance problems are decreased to the least. This system also makes possible, solving the errors in the network immediately, managing errors and monitoring the efficiency. In addition to all these, for the needs of top management level of enterprises, software solutions are produced, every type of specific applications including charge estimation and invoice.