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We Grow

As We Govern Technology...

We are growing because we are governing the technology.

The concepts of globalization and technology are governing the human life by the day and make the life more easy. Technological developments which also exceeds the border of world provides the ability of control and tracing, and transforms the liabilities to chance belonging to past. This ability can be submitted for the service of human only with the knowledge and experience of engineering.

4P Automation also successfully submits this ability to service of human for 4 years. Automation together with its knowledge and experience establish SCADA and large area tracing systems. These systems which are established by the means of satellite connected data communication, RF communication, GSM and Fiber provides the prevention of flood disaster; the heating of houses and business areas; the supply of the electricity and the water in an cheap and uninterrupted way; the prevention of loses and leakage…. Also natural gas exportation is made to abroad by the systems developed by 4P automation. Now enterprises become more productive and profitable, and productivity increasing and investments are taken under the control with the 4P Automation which includes all abilities submitted by technology… it makes the human life easy in all areas of the production and the control…

4P Automation was established in 2004 and since this time it provides national and local dry control and tracing abilities; brings technology by establishing more than 80 PCL I/O systems in Turkey and more than 100.000 PCL I/O systems nearly at 10 points in abroad.

4P Automation which exceeds the borders of Turkey and gains the ability to compete with global companies overcome its competing companies with its economic solutions and its high intervene capacity. 4P Automation behaves with a different politics as to other companies which are producing technological solutions and it moves along to its 12 year with the awareness that technology will become beneficial means if it is governed